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Product name】HP A4450A
First Sale date】2003年01月
Tier】精 品 Model 】A4450A Brows:】3671 Sales:】0
List price:call Member price:】call Save:】50 RMB Discount:】 96.00%
Number:】2 set Store:】2 set VIP price:】call present integral:】 1 point


Hp VISUALIZE-EG graphic accelerator board - For 2D and 3D wireframe graphics - Includes color recovery - Has EVC video output connector
Compatible Models:
• 9000 Server - D220 • 9000 Server - D220 CO Version • 9000 Server - D230 • 9000 Server - D230 CO Version • 9000 Server - D270 • 9000 Server - D270 CO Version • 9000 Server - D280 • 9000 Server - D320 • 9000 Server - D320 CO Version • 9000 Server - D330 • 9000 Server - D330 CO Version • 9000 Server - D370 • 9000 Server - D370 CO Version • 9000 Server - D380 • 9000 Server - D390 1-Way

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